Pamoja Africa e. V. is a signatory to the self-commitment declaration Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ). ITZ is a voluntary transparency program for civil society organizations in Germany that was launched in 2010 by Transparency International Deutschland.

ITZ was founded because there are no uniform publication requirements for civil society organizations in Germany. The initiative aims to fill this gap by encouraging organizations to voluntarily disclose more information than is legally required.

Our decision to join ITZ and make the following information available to the public on our website underscores our commitment to being transparent and open to our supporters, partners, and the general public in all respects. We firmly believe that transparency is the foundation for trust in our work.

1. Name, Registered Office, Address and Year of Foundation

Pamoja Africa e. V.
Im Ring 4
74360 Ilsfeld

Founded in: 2014

Register of Associations: VR721380
Registering Court: Local Court Stuttgart

Contact person for ITZ: Anja Krauth

2. Complete Statutes and Our Goals

  • The complete statutes of Pamoja Africa e. V. can be found here.
  • Information about the goals and vision can be found here.
  • Detailed information about our projects can be found here.

3. Information on Tax Benefits

We are recognized as non-profit for the years 2019 to 2021 due to the promotion of development cooperation by certificate of the Finanzamt Heilbronn, Tax No.: 65209/63663, from 14.03.2024 and are exempt from corporation tax according to § 5 Abs. 1 No. 9 KStG and from trade tax according to § 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act. The exemption certificate can be viewed here. Donations to Pamoja Africa e.V. are tax deductible. For donations of over €300 or on request, we will be happy to issue a donation receipt.

4. Names and Functions of Key Decision-Makers

The Executive Board (working on an honorary basis):

  • 1st Chair: Anja Krauth
  • 2nd Chair: Heike Auch
  • 3rd Chair & Treasurer: Thomas Fritz

5. Annual Reports

6. Personnel Structure

In 2024, ten volunteers at Pamoja Africa are dedicated to realizing our mission with full commitment. These dedicated individuals form the heart of our organization and are active in a wide range of areas to achieve our goals.

Their invaluable commitment and diverse skills enable us to implement our projects efficiently and achieve a sustainable impact. We are proud of our dynamic and motivated personnel structure, which is characterized by team spirit and a shared passion for the cause of Pamoja Africa.

7. & 8. Origin and Use of Funds

The non-profit association Pamoja Africa e. V. finances projects with the help of donations from individuals and companies as well as from foundations. Detailed information on the origin and use of our funds can be found in the profit and loss statement in the 2021 annual financial statements.

9. Corporate Relationships with Third Parties

Pamoja Africa e. V. has no corporate relationships with third parties. The association is independent.

10. Names of Persons Whose Annual Contributions Exceed Ten Percent of Our Total Annual Income

There are no individuals who support our association with more than 10 % of the total budget.