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(for those who don’t understand German, just check the movie at the bottom ;) The English website will come soon.)


We are looking back on very productive and energetic six weeks in Kenya. Thanks to your kind support and numerous donations we were able to move Maua Villa a big step forward and improve living conditions significantly.


Purchase of land

We bought two acre land (8.094 m2 ≙ 1 football field) with the plan of improving the orphanage’s infrastructure in coming years. Special thanks goes out to our project partner Meshak Jtumo (Eastern Plateau Child Support Program) for his great cooperation and his willingness to donate a part of the property to Pamoja Africa. More information

Kitchen and dining room

After the first step was done we focused on building a kitchen and another room for eating, doing homework, etc. It took about three weeks to realise but the result was remarkable.

More concretely this means that cooking in the “sleeping room” is now replaced by a kitchen, which is well equipped for Kenyan conditions. There is enough storage space together with a standard cooking equipment. This doesn’t only improve living and sleeping standards but also hygiene, because food and kitchen utensil can be stored in a separate room. Not to mention how good it is to have a roof over your head while cooking while it’s raining cats and dogs. And finally there is a dining room. So far there were no tables but only two chairs. Furthermore, as soon as we have the necessary financial resources, we want to employ a teacher in the long term for tutoring and homework assistance. In future the dining room, which consists of four tables and twelve chairs, should also serve as a classroom. From now on the children don’t have to eat on the floor anymore but get the chance to discover a whole new eating culture.

New house

Through an unexpected donation from zet Projekt GmbH we were able to build an additional house with three equally sized rooms in which twelve kids will be able to find a sheltered home. Until now, six boys have lived in only one room with only one bunk bed but soon they will move into their newly built home where six further boys will have the chance to live in the future. However, for us it only makes sense to accommodate six more boys if we can guarantee to cover the expenses for all seven children through project-partnerships. So far, our only girl whose name is Caro, is sharing a room with our housemother Kamene until we will increase the amount of girls in the orphanage. Considering the current existing infrastructure, we see an amount of three new girls at Maua Villa as appropriate. Thanks to buero doering, the new house got a new interior fitting consisting of bunk beds, mattresses, mosquito nets and boxes that will serve as storage for the kids’ belongings.

Wood pavilion

The “shade hut” (wood pavilion) does not only to preserve Kenyan tradition while looking good, but is also a perfect place to sit outside that gives shade from sun and rain. We love our new shade hut!


More security is given now through fencing the whole property. So far, a door and a cow have been stolen. During our on-site stay, a window got smashed and our radio got stolen… Therefore, putting a fence around the property was a necessary safety precaution for us, especially now since the project is growing, which, for many local villagers, is a sign of prosperity. To provide a safe home for the children, sooner or later we will have to employ a night watch.

Mango trees

Also, we have planted 30 mango trees which will hopefully bear their first fruits in three years time.

Looking back

In retrospect we are amazed and proud of our progress and how this all was possible in such a short time. We are happy to give you an insight into what we have achieved so far. To illustrate the dimensions, we listed all expenses and purchases (>1€)::

12.600 litre water (which did not come out of a tap..)
3.000 stones
2.000 adobes
105 bags of cement
30 tons sand
25 tons gravel
357 € for wood
54 pieces of corrugated iron 26 kg nails
26 € for tools
20 metal poles
14 wood-sticks
13 m plastic tarpaulin 13 € for straw
10 litre colour
10 rolls of wire
6 steel poles
6 windows
3 doors
2 rain gutters
2 rolls yarn
1 gate

Kitchen equipment
12 plates
12 bowls
12 forks
12 spoons
12 cups
3 buckets for food storage 2 pots
2 thermos
2 baskets
2 bowls for cleaning dishes 1 plastic trolley


12 chairs
5 tables
4 benches
1 fridge
1 stool

14 mosquito nets
12 beds
12 mattresses
12 boxes as storage
12 linen


630 € labour cost
57 € transportation
30 mango trees
4 chickens
3 goats
2 brooms
2 acre land as well as land surveyor and lawyer fees 1 bicycle
1 solar lamp

A very big thank you goes out to everyone who made this possible! Every single donation contributed to the significant improvement of Maua Villa. Without your support this would not have been possible! DANKE! ASANTI! THANKS! to all of you.


At last a special thanks to my beautiful rafiki (friend) Bridget Mwende, who joined me on this trip! Thanks for always having a sympathetic ear, your advice, your motivation to make a change, documenting the progress and cutting this amazing movie and of course your on site support!


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