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About the association

The Non-Profit-Organisation Pamoja Africa e.V. is an initiative that was founded in June 2014 in order to support projects of development work in Kenia. Currently we are funding the children’s home Maua Villa which helps deprived children from the area of Kivingoni. The purpose is to give those children the chance for a life in human conditions. Our final aim is the projects to run independently after a while and to further develop and finance themselves without the support of third.

How it all began

It all started in 2010 when I went to Kenya for the first time to do voluntary work in an orphanage. One thing that impressed and captivated me very much was the Kenyan culture and lifestyle itself. The orphanage was well equipped for Kenyan standards. They had electricity, running water, a teacher for assistance with homework and several warm meals a day available for the kids. Together with a social worker from the orphanage I went to the surrounding areas to find out about the children’s former living conditions and visited the houses of sponsored kids’ families. Thereby I witnessed in what unbelievable poverty many Kenyans have to live. Back in Germany and infected by Kenya I started to collect money with several fundraising campaigns. Through being in constant contact with the orphanage, I also learned more and more about how it is managed only to find out that its founder profited more from it than I could ever imagine. My first direct contact with the ongoing Kenyan corruption frustrated me a lot but on the other hand it motivated me to do it in a better way myself.



Already during my first long visit to Kenya, which lasted several months, I had created a good network. Besides difficult framework conditions, the land and its people were two key factors which occupied my mind constantly. While back in Germany I’ve stayed in steady contact with Meshack Itumo and together with other loyal people by my side I want to contribute to the fight against the prevailing injustices which occur in Kenya. I am convinced that especially the more remote and poor regions of Kenya need initial help so after this first step together it will enable them to maintain themselves. I am also convinced that people there can profit in the long term and learn from some of our western ways of implementing an infrastructure for sustainable income and wellbeing. Besides existing know how, it is also the lack of financial resources which can hinder projects to actuate. This is exactly where we see Pamoja Africas’ mission.


Our long term goal for the project is to independently develop and finance itself without external help. 


With a smile from the heart I say ‘PAMOJA’ – we will achieve this goal TOGETHER!

Anja Krauth

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