It’s time for improvement

Animal House Water Scan dog cottage   I have just returned from Kenya with new ideas and full of motivation. It was a packed 4 weeks and we brought many things on the way. Most of all, I'm personally looking forward to our new house mom Florence. She is such a great person, takes care of our kids and even has a teaching background which is very valuable for helping the kids with their homework.

A very special day for Lotta & Joyah – also for Pamoja Africa!

ASANTI Lotta & Joyah SANA     On July 9th we experienced probably the coolest christening Heidelberg has ever seen. The garden was decorated with colour, rabbits popped out of a box, there was a buffet with a very yummy variety of food, everyone was happy with the added bonus of nice music and good weather. All in all it was a wonderful celebration whereby Tilin, Niki, Mera, Julian, Joyah and Lotta were all the

Six weeks later …

Vorher Halbzeit Nachher   (for those who don't understand German, just check the movie at the bottom ;) The English website will come soon.)   We are looking back on very productive and energetic six weeks in Kenya. Thanks to your kind support and numerous donations we were able to move Maua Villa a big step forward and improve living conditions significantly.   Purchase of land We bought two acre land (8.094 m2 ≙ 1 football

We are making progress!

Outside Kitchen Maua Villa   Jambo aus Kenya!   Firstly we would like to thank you again for your numerous donations, which gave us the chance to buy the property!   But why buy land in the first place? We made this decision at our last members meeting. By buying the property, Pamoja Africa wants to ensure that all investments (house building, water supply, etc.) are protected from embezzlement of donated funds. Now not only