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On July 9th we experienced probably the coolest christening Heidelberg has ever seen. The
garden was decorated with colour, rabbits popped out of a box, there was a buffet with a very yummy variety of food, everyone was happy with the added bonus of nice music and good weather. All in all it was a wonderful celebration whereby Tilin, Niki, Mera, Julian, Joyah and Lotta were all the center of attention. Both dads conveyed the value of a godfather very nicely, which made the ceremony even more special.


“…The word godfather comes from the latin language and means spiritual father. However, a godfather’s role should not only be limited to support the religious development of children but also help them to develop and strengthen their social skills that shall enable them to become an open minded and tolerant human being…”


Even well in advance the two parents were busy planning the event. Their primary motivation was to plan the celebration for Joyah and Lotta, who will one day be able to look back at this unique event together with their godfathers by their sides. The celebration did not take place in a traditional sense because it did not focus so much on the christian aspect, for example, excluding a holy water ceremony. But what does this all have to do with Pamoja Africa? Mera, Tilin, Julian and Niki would not be who they are if they didn’t see the bigger picture and think of their fellow human beings. They decided not to take any presents for their two daughters but instead raise funds for Pamoja Africa. As a result the impressive sum of 600 € came together. Joyah’s daddy, or rather grandpa Günter Boy, went one step further and donated his birthday present of 1.000 € to the orphanage Maua Villa. Wow wow wow! We are overwhelmed by your support and want to thank every single donor from all our heart. YOU are the ones who leave their footprints in Kivingoni and push the project even further forward.


What’s next?

We will use a big amount of the donations for preparing our project “Drinking Water for Maua Villa”. Therefore we first need a land surveyor who will check a possible drilling depth for the water hole. Additionally we will use your donations for all necessary permits. You lay the milestone for the first step of having a functioning drinking water supply. Step by step a vision becomes reality. Especially for Meshack and the 8 children the news were a big surprise and great joy. Now we are on our way for providing clean drinking water. The Maua Villa family and I proudly say thank you and look optimistically into the future.

Asanti Sana!

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