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I have just returned from Kenya with new ideas and full of motivation. It was a packed 4 weeks and we brought many things on the way. Most of all, I’m personally looking forward to our new house mom Florence. She is such a great person, takes care of our kids and even has a teaching background which is very valuable for helping the kids with their homework.

We have laid the foundation for “Drinking water for Maua Villa” and through a ground scan we’ve established that there is water on the property. Water is and remains the greatest challenge especially when the rainy season doesn’t turn out as such. During the month I was there, it only rained twice and due to that the people over there don’t expect a harvest which brings them in the need to buy food even such as maize and beans, which is actually grown by every family. This is challenging without an income. Now that we know we have water on the property is the start for a sustainable project. It will still be a long way until we have enough funds to support the project “Drinking water for Maua Villa” but I have no doubt we can make this happen together.

We now have a animal house – which can be used as storage for the harvest at the same time – as well as 2 cows, 3 goats and our donkey Maua. Our little puppy Simba is happy about his own little cottage.

Cow #1 Cow #1 Cow #1 Cow #2 goats Goats Maua Maua


All iron sheets were painted to prevent rust, the office is finished and many small construction sites pushed forward. It now seems as if there is electricity in Maua Villa. The solar light bulbs fulfill their purpose and give us up to 5 hours of light in the evening!

Painting iron sheets Painting iron sheets Light @ Maua Villa Light @ Maua Villa Office Office


We build a blackboard and pimped up a jerry can which now can be used to wash hands after using the toilet. A real wiping mop helps the work of Florence who can now scrub the floor using this instead of an old tattered shirt and her been bend over on her hands. It sounds so simple and it is but for Florence it’s a very great pleasure. In addition we built a new dishrack and optimized the fire place in the kitchen.

dishrack Dishrack fire place Fire place Wash your hands! Wash your hands!

Thanks to all of your overwhelming last-minute support we were able to buy 15 more school desks for our kids in Maua Villa as well as the children of the Outreach program, this ensures immediate schooling.

A heartful thank you to all of you, who guide Pamoja Africa on the journey to becoming an independent and sustainable project!

Pamoja – we can do this together!

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