Outside Kitchen Maua Villa

Outside Kitchen Maua Villa


Jambo aus Kenya!


Firstly we would like to thank you again for your numerous donations, which gave us the chance to buy the property!

But why buy land in the first place?
We made this decision at our last members meeting. By buying the property, Pamoja Africa wants to ensure that all investments (house building, water supply, etc.) are protected from embezzlement of donated funds. Now not only the land belongs to Pamoja Africa but also what is going to be done there in future.

Hard to believe but the property cost less than expected.

How all this came about?
Meshack Itumo (founder of Eastern Pleatau Children Support Program) is willing to donate us (before making the decision at the members meeting) his land on which we built our first house. The Kenyan NGO board estimated the property and everything on it at 380.000 KES and allowed Meshack to donate 80% of it to us. Meshack has to invest the remaining 20%, which Pamoja Africa has to pay, back into the project. We are very happy about Meshack’s generous donation, which brings us one step closer to realising our common aim. Additionally we bought 1/2 acre of adjoining land. Things can continue like this!

Unfortunately we have to postpone our originally foreseen goal of building another little house to accommodate more children. Although the rain season poses new challenges for us, it also offers something positive – water! Yesterday we installed rain gutters in order to profit from the rain season by collecting rainwater.

What to do if it rains but you have to cook outside?
Currently the only possible cooking place is the house in which the children also sleep. There is no sheltered alternative. Therefore, instead of building a new house, we set our priority in building a sheltered kitchen which will provide additional space to eat or play when it rains outside. Since the kitchen’s size does not exceed the size of a new house, it does not overcome the estimated costs of 1.000 €. Currently we are missing 785 € to realise this plan. However, it is doable.

If we get enough donations together we will have time to focus on further projects like building shelter for the newly given goats and chickens and to put a fence around the whole property. On one side this is important for safety reasons but also because we already had one cow and a door stolen from Maua Villa. The damage caused is estimated at around 560 €.

At first glance this might seem a lot but PAMOJA (together) we can do it! Please take into consideration that every Cent and every Euro has a multi-value and thus no donation, however small, is important! We are investing every single Cent unfiltered into our mission.

At this point we send you our very warmest regards and energy of these wonderful kids and say ASANTI SANA.

Pamoja – together we will make it!

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