May 30, 2024

72h Permaculture Design Course


Permaculture design course: Regenerative practice for global sustainability

Learn how to use permaculture to make your project in the Global South sustainable and viable for the future

In the 72-hour permaculture design course, you will learn the basics and principles of this innovative design method and develop concrete approaches for use in your development project.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is aimed at:

  • Students in the field of development policy
  • Employees & representatives of NGOs and municipalities in the Global South
  • Anyone interested in permaculture and sustainable development

What can you expect?

  • 5 best-practice experience reports from permaculture projects, including from Pamoja Africa founder Anja Krauth and projects from Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon
  • 9 lecturers, including 5 certified permaculture designers
  • Internationally recognized certificate
  • Practical workshops at 5 learning locations in and around Berlin
  • In-depth insights into the topics of soil nutrients, water management, biodiversity and circular economy
  • Tools and methods for the sustainable design of projects in the Global South
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and build a network

The modules

Vvenues in the Berlin area, each from Thursday to Sunday:

  • Online kickoff and Q&A on July 5, 2024 Module 1 (German): Introduction to permaculture (August 8-11, 2024)
  • Module 2 (English):** Regenerative land use and food security (August 22-25, 2024)
  • Module 3 (German):** Water management and climate resilience (September 5-8, 2024)

The first and third module of the Permaculture Design Course will be held in German. The second module will be presented in English.

Further information about the course and the registration form can be found here. The registration is possible until July 15, 2024.

Organizers: Hungry Cities and Soned e.V. with the friendly support of Engagement Global.

Please note that this design course is not organized by Pamoja Africa e. V. However, we are allowed to present our project as a “best practice” during the event. We would like to offer a similar course in Maua Villa. You can find more information and our donation form at Projects.


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